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Spitfire Airframe Kits

Released in Sept 2004 this is a representation of the Supermarine Spitfire airframe. It has been developed to capture the fine lines of R J Mitchell’s design using both brass and hardwood. (Now also available in brass and stainless steel)

Spitfire Picture Gallery

The airframe is supplied in flat pack kit form for home assembly and easy postal delivery. Anyone who remembers balsa wood models (i.e. pre plastic days) will recognize the method of construction with the exception that the flat parts are already accurately machined from 1.5mm brass (or stainless) sheet. They are self-jigging and snap together to ease assembly.

The main time input from the builder is in the cleaning up and polishing of the parts. This process can be quite therapeutic and rewarding, transforming dull and lifeless metal into a thing of beauty. It will appeal to anyone who appreciates considered detail. For example the outer brown packaging is secured with string reminiscent of the wartime gas mask boxes. The inner box is much understated using period matt colours and typesets. Quite different from the usual glossy images of planes shot down in flames. The comprehensive instruction booklet follows the style of the original Spitfire manual.

The stand has a fully pre machined locking ball joint mechanism used to adjust attitude and show the skeletal airframe off to its best

The quality and sculptural elegance of this desktop model is truly outstanding giving it wide appeal to both sexes. Each model is individually numbered to make it a unique and nostalgic gift that will surely become an antique of the future.


  1. Full instruction manual
  2. Hardwood base and baize
  3. Fully machined, solid brass stand with ball-joint locking mechanism
  4. Brass struts
  5. Accurate laser cut flat components
  6. 18" Wingspan
  7. Junior hacksaw
  8. Needle file
  9. 600 Grit Wet and Dry

(To complete this model, superglue, brass polish and lacquer will need to be purchased separately and although not essential, the use of a table mounted soft jaw vice to hold the components during work are recommended.)

Simplified Instructions

click on to photo to play short video clip Video clip 1 Video clip 2 Video clip 3

(The approximate construction time for this model is about 30 hours. However, this figure is dependent upon finish required and individual ability) A full instructional DVD is now available, showing the step-by-step construction of the kit and is packed full of helpful tips and techniques.

Kit price with DVD - £165 including p&p

Kit price without DVD - £160 including p&p

DVD price if purchased separately - £8 including p&p