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Spitfire Model

Bigwing of Shildon, County Durham has produced a representation of the Supermarine Spitfire that provides a very different tribute to the legendary fighter and enables the owner to proudly boast... "I made that!"
Now let's stop the purists in their tracks, this is a skeletal Spitfire made in brass. It does not represent every constructional element of the original- it is a beautiful, evocative sculpture that captures the spirit of Mitchell's classic.
This kit is like no other. Do not be put off by the components coming in 1.5mm brass sheets- the water jet cut parts are easy to work with and assembly is largely selfjigging and snap together. The Kit even includes a junior hacksaw and a needle file!
The instruction booklet takes you through the whole absorbing process of construction and assembly. Bigwing's attention to detail shines through with this helpful guide, which has been produced in the style of the period 'Pilots Notes' - including treasury tags!
A hardwood base incorporates a certificate plate bearing the unique number of the model and an ingenious stand with locking ball joint allows the model to be posed in a variety of attitudes. The 'Skeletal' Spitfire catches the light in so many different ways that you just keep gazing at it from all angles! Finish is up to the builder: 'natural' brass, or polished (no great effort involved!) then lacquered. Construction time for this beauty which weighs in at nearly 2lb (0.9kg), is estimated at 30 hrs, the skill factor is minimal and the satisfaction upon completion beyond measure!

Ken Ellis,


Flypast Magazine, April 2005.
© 2005 Flypast Magazine. Reproduced by permission.